Our platform is filled to the brim with features to boost your digital marketing and sales efforts. Click any feautre block to find out more.

  • Google Analytics
    We provide Google Analytics integration out-of-the-box. Just enter your Google ID, and you'll be tracking your user activity in no time at all.
  • Forms
    Generate more leads with our built-in form manager. There's a number of standard forms to get started like contact, testimonial, FAQ and subscribe.
  • Blogs + News
    Keep customers in the loop with what's happening at your brand with our blogging tools. Get ready to engage readers and pull more web traffic today.
  • Case Studies
    Showcase your latest & greatest work with our included case study builder. Whatever your business type, get ready to close more customers.
  • Departments + Teams
    Working with a larger team? Add your various departments and team members in just a few clicks for a well-rounded experience for your site users.
  • Careers
    Recruiting the best workforce can be difficult enough. We make the process easier with an in-built careers manager that lets you create job listings on the fly.
  • Testimonials
    When a client sings your praises, make sure it's on your site! Our testimonials tool produces beautifully designed messages from your happiest clients.
  • FAQ Manager
    Quickly add common questions asked by your customers and prospects with our inbuilt FAQ manager. Add categories to your FAQs for better grouping.
  • Daily Backups
    Your website security is important to us. We make daily backups of your site and perform regular checks to make sure everything works as expected.
  • Simple Pricing
    Not only is Sites Done Right affordable, but consistent with pricing. 2 simple plans with monthly and annual payment options. That's it.
  • 14 Day Free Trial
    We know that seeing is believing. It's why we provide a 14-day free trial of our platform (no credit card required).
  • Manage your destiny
    We make the management process simple for you. Create your own pages, posts, services - in fact, every content type you need to make your website shine.
  • Mobile Ready
    We raise the bar when it comes to mobile design. Above the 'responsive' approach, we ensure you have a site that works faster and looks better on all devices.
  • Stellar support
    When you smile, we smile. Our customer success team respond to all tickets within 1 business day. Rest assured you'll have solid support around the clock.
  • World class hosting
    We have your site hosting covered to ensure you get the best of speed, stability, security and support. Your website is in good hands.
  • SEO Ready
    We take extra care to make sure your site is ready for the likes of Google by ensuring correct setup of headings, meta tags, image text and much more.
  • Image Optimisation
    Images play a vital role in your website success. From optimising your images for loading to dynamic alt tags added for SEO - we've got you covered.
  • Fast load times
    We make sure your website loads blazingly fast for your visitors by using a unique blend of page caching, minification and file combining.
  • CopyASSIST
    Build your copy brief and even entire campaigns with our intuitive content creation wizard
  • Dynamic location support
  • Coverage checker
  • Request A Callback
  • Branding
    Every aspect of your brand can be controlled via Sites Done Right. Colours, fonts, layouts and spacing can be adjusted to match your business need.
  • SSL Certificates
  • Image Watermarking
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