Conversion rate optimisation hasn't been simpler. Your visitors-to-leads ratio just got better.

  • Get proactive insights for every single page you create

    Through our AI Marketing Assistant, Rafael, receive insight into how you can improve the layout, components and featured content on any page of your website.

    Our system reviews your page’s performance in regards to the degree of engagement it’ll likely receive, and provides actionable receommendations on how to achieve a higher number of conversions (i.e. viewers who become leads).

  • Make sure the first thing a site visitor sees converts them

    Do you know what it means to have an optimised spotlight (header)? In the spotlight of your page, you have several opportunities to convert a viewer into a potential buyer of your products and services. Sometimes referred to as above-the-fold actions, you can on occasion make a purchase happen, even before a site visitor scrolls down the page.

    Our tool will examine your spotlight area to see if it contains the following:

    • a unique title
    • an image and/or video
    • a CTA (call-to-action)
  • Get attuned with our content and layout recommendations

    If you truly want your page to stand out, you should consider how you’ve laid out its contents. At Sites Done Right we go beyond your bog-standard website builder, by ensuring that you apply a degree of diversity to your pages.

    Over a simple layout, which typically consists of adding multiple paragraphs of text, we advocate the use of our ‘Advanced’ layout. This is where you’re able to engage with more energy rich-content fields for improving the structure of a page. 

    In many cases, we achieve this via the specific templates we provide for different use cases (e.g. case studies, testimonials, CTAs and even forms). However, in spaces where we give greater flexibility (i.e. blogs, pages and solutions), we will review if you’ve used any of the content blocks or recognised structural amends we make available, such as a:

    • pros and cons table
    • countdown timer
    • callout or testimonial
    • inline data capture form