Amplify your social proof with testimonials

Amplify your social proof with testimonials
  • Trust is key

    Your clients can speak directly to your prospects through your testimonials page. Their words will drive trust and new sales. Enhance your company's appeal with this powerful marketing tool.

    Trust is key
  • Confirm you can deliver

    Social proof is a cost effective way of increasing your reach and appealing to customer buying habits. Positive reviews influence shoppers to buy.

    Confirm you can deliver
  • Amplify word-of-mouth Success

    Your testimonial manager is a word-of-mouth marketer right in your dashboard.

    Amplify word-of-mouth Success
  • Upload video content

    Video increases conversion. Prospects love to see and hear exactly how you can help them and how you've helped existing clients.

    Upload video content
  • Star Ratings

    Further cement the reach of your testimonials with our star rating system. Prospects can see at a glance how much your product or service is loved.

    Star Ratings
  • Anytime and anywhere

    Our testimonials manager allows you to pull testimonials wherever you'd like.

    • On standalone testimonials pages
    • In between content blocks
    • At the end or side of any page
    Anytime and anywhere