Amplify your social proof with testimonials

Amplify your social proof with testimonials
  • Rich testimonials

    In our platform, you'll be able to build stellar testimonials that actually get read using our intuitive testimonials manager. Just add your message, author, organisation and image - job done!

  • Social proof

    Testimonials are a crucial and cost-effective tool in your marketing arsenal. You can offer evidence that you're as good as you say you are!

  • Amplify Word-of-Mouth Success

    Each testimonial on your site will now boost the word-of-mouth reach of each of your customer success stories and increase the ability to close business in the process.

  • Upload Video Content

    Provide your site visitors with a truly unique way of relating to your best customers. This simple to use feature allows you to share a moving visual presentation of your client singing your praises, and/or the work you carried on out on their behalf.

  • Apply Star Ratings

    Add anything ranging from 1-5 stars to a testimonial provided by your customers. Give viewers the comfort of using your products and services based on how their users perceive them.

  • Insert Message Variations

    Our powerful template enables you to add the full written testimonial provided by your client to your website. With this, you'll also be asked to extract a snippet (or write a shortened version) of a sentence or 2, that can be pulled into other pages of your website, such as its blogs, service pages, and case studies.

  • Role + Organisation

    Provide those interested in using your services, a good understanding of the types of people and organisations that you work with. Where applicable, simply enter the job position and company name of a client, and build a more complete picture.