• Create forms on-the-fly

    Build high-converting, custom forms to match your business processes and capture the data you need to qualify leads in record time.

  • Autorepsonders and lead nurture

    Following up with form submissions is essential to nurture leads. Conditional logic can be set up to change who receives what response based on their entry too!

  • Multiple integrations

    Integrate your form submissions with a number of 3rd party tools like Stripe, Paypal, MailChimp and many more!

  • Image Selectors

    Enhance user engagement by making your checkboxes and radio buttons appear as clickable images. Allow your customers to better relate to your services and solutions through a visual.

  • Polls + Surveys

    Would you like to know the feeling and sentiments around a given topic? Instantly understand where the views and opinions of interested parties rest, with this ever so powerful feature.

  • Date Ranges + Pickers

    You may need to know when potential customers intend on using your service. With these fields, they can select either a single date for an intended event or duration covering multiple days for an upcoming activity (like travelling).

  • Google Address Integration

    Once a site visitor begins to type their address, our systems predictive logic ties in with that of Google Maps to autocomplete the entry. Give your customers minimal work to do when leaving enquiries and reduce the risk of receiving incorrect entries.

  • Honeypot + Captcha
  • Signatures
  • Sliders