Mark Sitwell [IT Eye]

Mark Sitwell | Director,IT Eye

As an IT company that tries to make our client's life as easy as possible, we have always struggled to get a website that actually does what we want, being informative to our clients but also being a useful tool to help us support our clients.

We had used WordPress before, but every time there was an update, half the plugins stopped working and we spent more time just trying to get it working again that we did actually updating it.

Once I saw Sites Done Right's sit I did take my time to run through the trial and setup our ew site as best I could with the limited information I had from our original website following a major update.

Within a very short space of time I have most of the pages recreated ad looking far better than we ever had before.

Once the front end was sorted we started playing with the forms aspect and I wish we had made the change a long time ago.

We now have a number of forms that allow our clients to fill in information as part of a support request that will help our support team resolve or implement the request quicker for them.

The Sites Done Right team have always been available for support an guidance with any help I needed in configuring any part of the website.

I didn't have any hesitation in recommending the Sites Done Right team to any of our clients before I signed up with them, now I am actively promoting their site to any of our clients that are looking for a solution that just works, regardless of their size or profession.

Mark SitwellDirectorIT Eye
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