Sam Nicholas [SCJ Roofing]

Sam Nicholas | Director,SCJ Roofing

As a busy roofer, I have limited time to work on my website. I did have a site before which was static, with updates being applied infrequently (if ever at all).

The migration process was very straightforward - the team at Sites Done Right was able to get all of my text, images and site structure into their system in no time at all. They also took care of getting my old site pointing to my new one so that it was seamless for potential customers visiting the site.

The numbers really do speak for themselves on my new site. I’ve brought in over £36k of new business in just over 6 months and this number continues to grow - considering I pay just £99 per month, this return is phenomenal.

Every lead I get is sent straight to my email, with details on the job type, the customer location and more. This helps me to focus my efforts on the jobs that are best for my business, and qualify out the ones where we cannot offer value.

The team at Sites Done Right has provided training and support to both me and my admin team so that we can go in and perform the necessary changes we need ourselves. This doesn’t stop the support being available on the phone, by email or live chat when we need it.

I am not sure of the marketing recipe behind the systems at Sites Done Right, but it has clearly helped to grow my web traffic, bring in more leads and most importantly get more paying customers through the door - keep up the great work!

Sam NicholasDirectorSCJ Roofing
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