Page Grader

Page Grader

Ever wondered why your web pages aren't ranking for the keywords you'd like? See your pages through the eyes of Google and other search engines and learn what to work on to boost your rankings!

In this Toolkit

  • Page Grade

    Get an overall score for your webpage with a simple traffic light system and recommendations for improvement.

  • Readability

    Check if your overall content is easy to read and digest for site visitors.

  • Meta Information

    See how search engines will display snippets of your webpage and any issues affecting your title and meta description.

  • Content Review

    See how many words are being used on your web page (main text, heading etc) in relation to your chosen keyword.

  • Images + Links

    Find the exact images and links that are affecting your position on Google and how to fix them.

  • Social + Markup

    See if your page can be consistently and easily shared on social networks like Facebook + Twitter.

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