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    • Flooring website redesign
      Flooring website redesign


      We were approached by the team at Erith Flooring who felt their site lacked engagement with their existing and desired target audiences. We were informed of how the experience was outdated and stagnant, and neither new or rich content was being managed or uploaded.

      A particular comment which stood out and drove us at Sites Done Right to ensure they rapidly struck the activation switch was “our site was more like a business card than a lead generator”. Immediately we knew we had to overturn this line of thinking and get in place a site geared towards converting more visits into actual custom.


      Since going live there has been an influx in the number of new requests received. They now regularly receive leads for both domestic and commercial projects, and the increased visits to their site have improved how optimised the overall site is.

    • £0 - £30k new business in 6 months [4900% ROI]
      £0 - £30k new business in 6 months [4900% ROI]


      With an existing website that generated £0 in new business, SCJ Roofing were ready to realise the full potential of inbound marketing in rapid time.

      Poor ranks in Google alongside non-existent conversion rates meant there was an uphill battle to success.


      Since launch, the team saw an immediate uplift in organic traffic coming from Google. This translated to almost a 200% increase in site visits. As important, visitors were now leaving details of projects alongside their contact information – the first marketing qualified leads were coming in!

      The results are self-evident. The team at SCJ generate an average of £5,000 of new business every month, without any external online efforts for business generation. With a return of £29.59 for every £1 spent on the site, SCJ Roofing is a testament to when inbound marketing is done right.