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We are the first choice website builder + marketing engine for trades across the UK.

  • Whether you are a builder, a plumber, an electrician or any other type of trade, it can be difficult to build a brand of trust with your existing and future clients. Often, word of mouth alone is not enough to sustain and grow a business.

    At Sites Done Right, we help trades like yours to to find more of the right type of client to work with locally, regionally or nationally with our leading web design and marketing engine.

  • What our clients say
  • Other Success Stories
    • £0 - £36k new business in 6 months [5142% ROI]
      £0 - £36k new business in 6 months [5142% ROI]
      SCJ Roofing Solutions


      With an existing website that generated £0 in new business, SCJ Roofing were ready to realise the full potential of inbound marketing in rapid time.

      Poor ranks in Google alongside non-existent conversion rates meant there was an uphill battle to success.


      Since launch, the team saw an immediate uplift in organic traffic coming from Google. This translated to almost a 200% increase in site visits. As important, visitors were now leaving details of projects alongside their contact information – the first marketing qualified leads were coming in!

      The results are self-evident. The team at SCJ generates an average of £5,000 of new business every month, without any external online efforts for business generation. With a return of £51.42 for every £1 spent on the site, SCJ Roofing is a testament to when inbound marketing is done right.

    • Over £4k closed new business in under 12 months [£1k budget]
      Over £4k closed new business in under 12 months [£1k budget]
      Millers Electrical


      Whilst having an existing website, the team at Millers electrical were disappointed with the results achieved. A lack of search engine optimisation meant they were not being found in search results and subsequently had few to know leads.

      Coupled with an inability to manage the content on their own website and slow responses from the developers, the time to move to Sites Done Right was at its peak.


      The results are self-evident. Within just a few months Millers electrical were able to generate over £4,000 of new business. This represents over a 4x return on investment for every £1 spent on the website (without any additional spending on paid advertising). Ultimately, this has led to more free time for the team to focus on delivering on the projects they win.

    • £26k return-on-investment in under 12 months [£1k budget]
      £26k return-on-investment in under 12 months [£1k budget]
      Ab Fab London Events


      The key problem they faced was that they were unable to manage the content within the existing website. This meant an inability to keep prospects or existing customers in the loop with some of their most recent activities. It also caused problems in showcasing the expanded range of services they now provided, given the growth they’d experienced in recent years.

      When approached one of the key things they wanted to resolve was getting more online enquiries. At the point in time that we were approached, there weren’t receiving any incoming leads via direct engagement with their website.

      These issues were further compounded by the fact that they were working with a highly non-responsive web agency. This meant they were unable to justify the ongoing spend and the need for change was pertinent.


      They’ve skyrocketed their performance, and have generated in excess of £26k in new business from incoming enquiries alone, in the space of 12 months. This symbolises a which 2600% return-on-investment in less than a year, meaning that for every £1 spent they’ve seen £26 returned to their coffers.

      These results have meant that they were able to create a completely new branch of the business which specialises in end-to-end staff for events.

  • Some fantastic features for trades that will blow away the competition
    • Page Grader
      Page Grader

      Make sure you pass on all SEO checks and never fail again when it comes to optimising your web pages.

    • Dynamic Location Support
      Dynamic Location Support

      Boost your SEO and page count in just a few minutes with our powerful dynamic location support.

    • Marketing Grader
      Marketing Grader

      Conversion rate optimisation hasn't been simpler for your business. Your visitors-to-leads ratio just got better.

    • Coverage checker
      Coverage checker

      Showcase the geographic locations you deliver your services to, with an accompanying address lookup and radius map.

    • Forms

      Build high-converting, custom forms to match your business processes and capture the data you need to qualify leads in record time.

    • FAQ Manager
      FAQ Manager

      Quickly add common questions from your customers with our inbuilt FAQ manager. Add categories to your FAQs for better grouping.

  • Please take a minute to book a discovery call.
    On this call, we will quickly determine if we can help you and to what degree.

  • Some great reading for tradesmen
    • 3 great ways to get a good quality and quantity of local work for tradesman
      3 great ways to get a good quality and quantity of local work for tradesman

      Are you sourcing enough local work to keep you busy and profitable?

    • The big 5 hurdles every tradesman will face this year
      The big 5 hurdles every tradesman will face this year

      Calling all plumbers, electricians and tradespeople - make your marketing a success in 2018.

  • Common questions about our platform
    Are my ideal customers truly out there?

    Certainly. These customers are out there right now, doing their research, evaluating providers and making purchasing decisions.

    Are there any long term contracts?

    No. We are confident in the value our platform offers and so we offer monthly rolling contracts (no tie-ins). If you’d like to make additional savings, you can choose to pay for a year in advance and get 2 months free.

    Can I add Google Analytics to my site?

    Absolutely. Your Sites Done Right install comes with analytics out-of-the-box. You can just add your Google Analytics ID to your dashboard, and advanced tracking will be in place for you straight away.

    You can control a number of custom Google Analytics parameters for tracking including:

    • Tracker Name
    • Cookie Name
    • Cookie Expiration (secs)
    • Client ID
    • Sample Rate (%)
    • Site Speed Sample Rate (%)
    • Always Send Referrer
    • Allow Anchor Parameter

    For details on what each of these parameters do, you can check out https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/field-reference

    Can I cancel my Sites Done Right account?

    You absolutely can, but we’d be sad to see you go!

    You can cancel anytime, and there are no cancellation fees. You’ll just be charged up to the end of your billing period (depending on whether you pay monthly or annually).

    After you’ve canceled your account, you’ll still be able to access all of our features until your subscription expires. We can also provide a copy of your website content (your text and images) upon request in XML format.

    As with most “software-as-a-service” platforms, if you do cancel your account, the features of our platform for content editing and our proprietary elements like the design builders will become inaccessible. Any competent web dev can add your content into an alternative theme/design using the XML provided which retains the structure of your pages and hierarchy of your site.

    Can I change my website colours to match my branding?

    Of course you can.

    Sites Done Right was built from the ground-up to make it easy for you to control every aspect of your site to keep it consistent with you brand in just a few clicks. This includes:

    • Colours
    • Fonts and typography choices
    • Layouts and spacing
    • Much more!
    Can I get my content if I leave your platform?

    Absolutely. It’s very simple to export your content and take it with you.

    If you do want an export, just reach out to our team and we’ll send an export folder with your content. We provide the data in XML format, making it straightforward to import your data into other systems.

    Can you move my content from my old website?

    Whilst creating content in our platform is very straightforward, we do have a number of customers who’d like us to migrate their existing sites into our platform. No worries, we can do exactly this, and take the time to map add your existing content, optimise pages for SEO, and add your brand colours and get you ready to go live. You can then focus on adding additional content.

    How long will it take?

    We can finish most transfers within 2-3 business days, but may be a little longer during our busiest workload periods.

    How do content transfers work?

    We start by working through a simple brief of what you’re trying to achieve with your site (it takes 15-20 minutes). Then, we’ll get the content from your old website to your new site on the Sites Done Right platform. This includes everything from your logo and company info, through to your blog posts, images and other pages. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and actively apply feedback so any tweaks can be applied before you live.

    How much will it cost?

    If you’d like us to migrate your site for you, we do offer a fixed fee Kickstart service for this (also dependent on page numbers to be migrated). If you’d like to find out more, visit https://sitesdoneright.co.uk/kickstart/

    Do I have to pay for hosting?

    In a nutshell, no. Our platform includes fully managed, high quality website hosting as standard. It’s part of every plan we provide. We take care of all aspects of server maintenance including upgrades, security and management, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

    Do you integrate with any other tools?

    Absolutely. Our platform integrates with a range of CRM platforms, social media publishing and sharing portals, payment gateways and more.

    Does inbound marketing work?

    Yes – it is one of the last remaining effective marketing approaches online. But do keep in mind, this is so much more than just a website. It is a full stack approach to get you the right traffic to your site, convert more visits to leads and help you to close more business in record time.

    How many new clients should I get?

    We don’t give you clients, but the tools and feedback to get you qualified leads that want to do business with you. Your results will be unique to your business and the effort you put in to achieve success.

    If you have the right product and the right message (alongside the right tools to deliver), you will see fantastic results.

    How much does it cost?
    How will you help me pull in more traffic?

    It can be difficult working out a strategy to get more people clicking through to your web pages. When you get it right, however, you increase the opportunity to generate leads and new business overall.

    There are 3 key things to consider:

    1. Build frequent, relevant, quality content
    2. Make your pages easy for search engines to index
    3. Make your content easy to share to increase your reach

    The businesses that apply the above consistently find that not only do they produce new traffic from their own efforts, but over time, existing visitors can become advocates of your brand who await new content from you to share with their own networks.

    Our platform makes all of the above easier by providing tools to make better content, quicker. In addition, your control over the things that Google loves can be managed in just a few clicks, or you can rely on our search automation to get you started. Lastly, our integrations with systems like Disqus and AddThis make sharing content a breeze across your social networks.

    I already have a web design, can I use it?

    In a word, yes.

    Sites Done Right provides a number of starter themes, plus with our easy-to-use customisation options, you’ll be able to produce a site like your current one in just a few clicks. You’ll even be able to adapt and evolve your design where you’d like!

    However, the real question should be, ‘is my current design delivering value?‘. Does your web design bring in traffic, or engage visitors who come to your site to make an action?

    If the answer to any of the above is no, then it might be the perfect time to consider a redesign. Each of our starter themes has been hand-crafted and tested to achieve optimal marketing results, load quickly, and play well with search engines like Google.

    You can trial any theme with your content and stick with the one that works best – its all possible within our platform.

    Is it hard to set up?

    Not at all, it’s straightforward. We also provide a kickstart service to do your initial set up for you (paid) and provide training on getting the most from the platform. Leads generated from your site will be sent to you directly as soon as they come in.

    Is this solution right for me?

    It all comes down to simple math. What is your expected return on investment (ROI)?

    Let’s take an example that the average new lead is worth £200 to you, and you’d like to generate 5 of these leads each month via your site. In this example, our platform would be fantastic for you.

    If you’re expecting to generate less than our subscription costs each month in new business, then we’d recommend considering other marketing channels, or at a minimum improving your business model to support better revenue before signing up.

    Your marketing and business success is what matters most to us!

    Is this tool GDPR compliant?

    Absolutely. Built into our platform as standard you have the ability to:

    1. Prevent leads being saved to your website database (or delete them at set intervals)
    2. Set cookie policies for visitors to your site
    3. Keep a trail of how users interact with your website and forms, which can be shared with customers when needed.

    Should I wait to implement this solution?

    Time waits for no one. By delaying on this investment, you’ll be leaving a lot of work on the table, or, worse still, it’ll be work going to your competitors! We are the first end-to-end solution in this space, so the chance to generate qualified leads today is right for the picking!

    So, who is behind Sites Done Right?

    We are a clued-up team of sales, marketing and web development experts. Our work with all businesses from one-man bands to multinationals like EA Sports, Tefal and 3M have allowed us to provide a tried and tested model for website success.

    What are the next steps?

    There are 2 important steps to get started:

    1. Take our quick quiz to identify the core areas for growth in your business and marketing approach.
    2. Book a 15 minute discovery call (plus time for questions) with our Customer Success gurus – we’ll help to pinpoint how best we can help you, if it all.

    What exactly do I get when I sign up?

    When you sign up with us, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can manage your website and inbound marketing efforts. You’ll also have access to our support team by live chat, mail and our ticketing system. Most importantly, you’ll have access to our AI that will provide proactive advice on your SEO efforts, conversion optimisation and so much more.

    What makes your platform better for SEO?

    Getting up the ranks of Google is often the starting point for small businesses looking to pull in more traffic.

    We take every aspect of search seriously (without making the processing of adding new pages difficult for you).

    We’ll automatically add alt tags to every image based on the relevant title, and add heading tags for each block of content you create. In addition, structured data is added to each template your pages can show higher in the Google ranks for the relevant type i.e. blog articles showing in Google’s latest news, videos in related videos etc.

    All of these options can be overridden by you if you’d like to tweak things even further.

    What if I'm not technical?

    Our platform was built to be straightforward for everyone to use. You don’t need to be a webmaster to use Sites Done Right. Just follow our process and onboarding to get the most from your website.

    What is your support like?

    We check every site around the clock for speed, security and scalability. Our expert team work on tech aspects of our platform and your site, so issues are extremely rare. In the unlikely event of an emergency, and your site goes down, rest assured we’re already on the case to resolve any issues!

    We offer multi-tiered support to make your life easier, and to provide quick access to information to our many customers at Sites Done Right.

    Live Chat

    If you’ve got a support question, you’ll find our live chat available from your dashboard when logged in, giving you direct access to our trained platform experts. We’ll be able to provide immediate support as well as recommend steps to remedy similar issues in the future via articles and videos in our knowledge base. If a Customer Success Agent is unavailable, you’ll be able to send an email for follow up.

    Email Support

    Email support is provided as standard to every Sites Done Right customer. In our experience, email works better than phone support for most issues. It gives our customers access to written, repeatable documentation that can be referred back to. Giving detailed, step by step instructions is also easiest by email and common questions are proactively added to our knowledge base for future use.

    Knowledge Base

    Our ever growing knowledge base is a hub for our customers to get support on common questions and processes. You’ll get easy to follow instructions on everything from setting up your account and resetting your password, through to day to day actions like creating pages and new content. Visit https://support.sitesdoneright.co.uk/ for more information.

    What if I don't have the right budget to work with?

    This is a website builder and marketing engine that will help you get qualified leads regularly. Just think about what you would be willing to pay for a prospect (lead) who wants to talk to your business. Our platform helps to generate many leads like this every month, and closing just a deal or two like this will cover your costs many times over.