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We are the first choice website builder + marketing engine for trades across the UK.

  • Whether you are a builder, a plumber, an electrician or any other type of trade, it can be difficult to build a brand of trust with your existing and future clients. Often, word of mouth alone is not enough to sustain and grow a business.

    At Sites Done Right, we help trades like yours to to find more of the right type of client to work with locally, regionally or nationally with our leading web design and marketing engine.

  • What is your biggest marketing challenge?
  • Why trades choose Sites Done Right
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    • Is a subscription service better than paying for a site upfront?

      We firmly believe that simplicity should drive all buying decisions.

      If having control over your outgoing spend is important to you, then a fixed subscription model like those we offer at Sites Done Right can help you have predictability in your finances without losing flexibility on what you can achieve.

      You’ll also save along the way, as costs can rack up with separate plugin purchases, hosting fees and 3rd party integrations to achieve the features of a site actually brings in business.

      We’ve worked around the clock to make this process easier for you, by bundling the features needed to get your site up, pull in traffic, generate leads and so much more – all within one platform and at a fixed cost!

      Our platform receives regular updates, so you can rest assured that your site will be working for you day and night even as trends change.

    • Do I need to purchase my domain?

      In a word, yes. If there is one thing you should own outright, it’s your web address. We don’t currently sell domains, so you can purchase this from an internet domain registrar.

      Once you have your domain, simply get in touch providing us with your login details (username and password). We’ll take it from there, tweaking your DNS records to point to our servers and ensuring your new site has your desired URL.

    • I already own a domain, can it be used?

      If you possess a domain, great! We can apply the adjustments needed for your Sites Done Right website to point to URL that you own.

      All we need for you to provide is your login details (username and password) and we’ll take care of the rest.

      We aim to spin this around within a 24 hour period if you make your request during the working week (Mon-Fri).

    • What will it cost for a domain?

      The price depends on what the domain is, alongside the rate being charged by the internet domain registrar issuing the sale (if it’s available).

      You’ll find some domains for rates as low as £1 at the bottom end, all the way through to many £1000’s and more.

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    • The Process
      The Process
    • About Sites Done Right
      About Sites Done Right
    • Branding

      Every aspect of your brand can be controlled via Sites Done Right. Colours, fonts, layouts and spacing can be adjusted to match your business need.

    • Fast load times

      We make sure your website loads blazingly fast for your visitors by using a unique blend of page caching, minification and file combining.

    • Image Optimisation

      Images play a vital role in your website success. From optimising your images for loading to dynamic alt tags added for SEO - we've got you covered.

    • SEO Ready

      We take extra care to make sure your site is ready for the likes of Google by ensuring correct setup of headings, meta tags, image text and much more.

    • World class hosting

      We have your site hosting covered to ensure you get the best of speed, stability, security and support. Your website is in good hands.

    • Stellar support

      When you smile, we smile. Our customer success team respond to all tickets within 1 business day. Rest assured you'll have solid support around the clock.

    • Mobile Ready

      We raise the bar when it comes to mobile design. Above the 'responsive' approach, we ensure you have a site that works faster and looks better on all devices.

    • Manage your destiny

      We make the management process simple for you. Create your own pages, posts, services - in fact, every content type you need to make your website shine.

    • 14 Day Free Trial

      We know that seeing is believing. It's why we provide a 14-day free trial of our platform (no credit card required).

    • Simple Pricing

      Not only is Sites Done Right affordable, but consistent with pricing. 2 simple plans with monthly and annual payment options. That's it.

    • Daily Backups

      Your website security is important to us. We make daily backups of your site and perform regular checks to make sure everything works as expected.

    • FAQ Manager

      Quickly add common questions asked by your customers and prospects with our inbuilt FAQ manager. Add categories to your FAQs for better grouping.

    • Testimonials

      When a client sings your praises, make sure it's on your site! Our testimonials tool produces beautifully designed messages from your happiest clients.

    • Careers

      Recruiting the best workforce can be difficult enough. We make the process easier with an in-built careers manager that lets you create job listings on the fly.

    • Departments + Teams

      Working with a larger team? Add your various departments and team members in just a few clicks for a well-rounded experience for your site users.

    • Case Studies

      Showcase your latest & greatest work with our included case study builder. Whatever your business type, get ready to close more customers.

    • Blogs + News

      Keep customers in the loop with what's happening at your brand with our blogging tools. Get ready to engage readers and pull more web traffic today.

    • Forms

      Generate more leads with our built-in form manager. There's a number of standard forms to get started like contact, testimonial, FAQ and subscribe.

    • Google Analytics

      We provide Google Analytics integration out-of-the-box. Just enter your Google ID, and you'll be tracking your user activity in no time at all.

    • How to come up with great content ideas with 1 FREE toolkit
      How to come up with great content ideas with 1 FREE toolkit

      Coming up with great content for your website can be difficult. Make the process easier using our FREE Content Ideas Toolkit.

    • Content Ideas Toolkit
      Content Ideas Toolkit

      Does it feel like an uphill battle when you're trying to get new content ideas together? You're not alone!

      Our content ideas toolkit will help you to rapidly put together new suggestions for content, and prioritise them to reach your customers in the right way, at the right time.

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    • Working with a web designer or company?
      Working with a web designer or company?
    • Book a personalised demo
      Book a personalised demo
    • Smart pricing for forward thinking businesses
      Smart pricing for forward thinking businesses
    • Manage your Sites Done Right account
      Manage your Sites Done Right account
    • What's meant by SEO?

      SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Is the process used to help your website rank higher in search engines like Google. To move up the ranks, you will need to:

      1. Work on producing frequent, quality content for your customers
      2. Adjust your website’s code in a way that Google loves (we take care of this by default at Sites Done Right)
      3. Share your content with the right people at right time
    • Why's SEO significant?

      Getting traffic to your website is so important to increase your chances of closing business.

      As most sites generate their traffic via search engines (like Google), it is important that you can be found when prospects search for your brand, services or the problems you help solve.

      What you also want to avoid is SEO penalties for failing to optimise your site to perform well with search engines or by using deceptive or ‘black-hat’ SEO tactics.

      With Sites Done Right, we help to alleviate this stress as all our templates are built with both Google and your customers in mind. This means we don’t only automatically update your sitemap every time a new page is created, but aid in getting you to appear higher in Google (and other search engines) quicker.

    • Start A Free Trial
      Start A Free Trial
    • Thank You
      Thank You
    • Your free trial site is almost set up.
      Your free trial site is almost set up.
    • Our terms of service
      Our terms of service
    • I already have a web design, can I use it?

      In a word, yes.

      Sites Done Right provides a number of starter themes, plus with our easy-to-use customisation options, you’ll be able to produce a site like your current one in just a few clicks. You’ll even be able to adapt and evolve your design where you’d like!

      However, the real question should be, ‘is my current design delivering value?‘. Does your web design bring in traffic, or engage visitors who come to your site to make an action?

      If the answer to any of the above is no, then it might be the perfect time to consider a redesign. Each of our starter themes has been hand-crafted and tested to achieve optimal marketing results, load quickly, and play well with search engines like Google.

      You can trial any theme with your content and stick with the one that works best – its all possible within our platform.

    • I'm currently in the middle of a web redesign, should I trial your platform now?


      In our experience there is often a large divide between the vision for your website, and the end product you get. You may have already found compromises you’ve had to make in the process of getting your new site together.

      Using Sites Done Right, you’ll be able to test and validate ideas in real-time, and get to an end product quicker that actually brings in business. It’s the reason we’re the preferred choice for many designers, agencies and web companies who use the platform to launch client projects.

      Whatever stage you’re currently at in your web design process, we offer 1-on-1 demo’s and a 14-day free trial of our platform.

    • What is the best way to manage your web content editing in 2017?
      What is the best way to manage your web content editing in 2017?

      If working on your small-business website, deciding how to edit & manage your content is essential to grow. Do you know the available options?

    • 5 things your small business website should do to smash results
      5 things your small business website should do to smash results

      Running and maintaining a small biz website isn't easy. Here's a few things to consider if you want to make your site a success and bring in more business.

    • What makes your platform better for SEO?

      Getting up the ranks of Google is often the starting point for small businesses looking to pull in more traffic.

      We take every aspect of search seriously (without making the processing of adding new pages difficult for you).

      We’ll automatically add alt tags to every image based on the relevant title, and add heading tags for each block of content you create. In addition, structured data is added to each template your pages can show higher in the Google ranks for the relevant type i.e. blog articles showing in Google’s latest news, videos in related videos etc.

      All of these options can be overridden by you if you’d like to tweak things even further.

    • How will you help me pull in more traffic?

      It can be difficult working out a strategy to get more people clicking through to your web pages. When you get it right, however, you increase the opportunity to generate leads and new business overall.

      There are 3 key things to consider:

      1. Build frequent, relevant, quality content
      2. Make your pages easy for search engines to index
      3. Make your content easy to share to increase your reach

      The businesses that apply the above consistently find that not only do they produce new traffic from their own efforts, but over time, existing visitors can become advocates of your brand who await new content from you to share with their own networks.

      Our platform makes all of the above easier by providing tools to make better content, quicker. In addition, your control over the things that Google loves can be managed in just a few clicks, or you can rely on our search automation to get you started. Lastly, our integrations with systems like Disqus and AddThis make sharing content a breeze across your social networks.

    • How to make your website the best lead generating tool
      How to make your website the best lead generating tool

      If you’ve established that generating leads via your website is an important process, then you're in the right place.

    • The 4 fantastic fundamentals of a stunning small biz website
      The 4 fantastic fundamentals of a stunning small biz website

      If you want to create a stunning website for your small business, knowing the fundamentals can be the difference between good & great.

    • Why you don
      Why you don't need a contact form to really boost your results

      If you've got a contact form on your website that fails to deliver results, it's time to understand why and fix the root cause of the issue.

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