£0 - £36k new business in 6 months [5142% ROI]

SCJ Roofing Solutions
£0 - £36k new business in 6 months [5142% ROI]

We were amped to take onboard our friends at SCJ Roofing to boost their online marketing success using their website.

Location: London

Budget: £99 Per Month

  • The Problem

    The Problem

    With an existing website that generated £0 in new business, SCJ Roofing were ready to realise the full potential of inbound marketing in rapid time.

    Poor ranks in Google alongside non-existent conversion rates meant there was an uphill battle to success.

  • The Solution

    The Solution

    Our team began the project by using Kickstart AI, our intelligent assistant that scrapes content from an existing site, ready for import into our platform.

    We stayed true to their original brand and design by using our customisation tools, meaning that a seamless transition from their old site over to the new one we’d built.

    Improvements were also made along the way, with conversions being the core-focused. With easy to follow calls-to-action and intuitive dynamic forms, we paved the way for regular lead generation.

  • The Results

    The Results

    Since launch, the team saw an immediate uplift in organic traffic coming from Google. This translated to almost a 200% increase in site visits. As important, visitors were now leaving details of projects alongside their contact information – the first marketing qualified leads were coming in!

    The results are self-evident. The team at SCJ generates an average of £5,000 of new business every month, without any external online efforts for business generation. With a return of £51.42 for every £1 spent on the site, SCJ Roofing is a testament to when inbound marketing is done right.

  • What they said
    Sam Nicholas
    SCJ Roofing

    The numbers really do speak for themselves on my new site. I’ve brought in over £36k of new business in just over 6 months and this number continues to grow!

    Sam Nicholas
    SCJ Roofing