Over £3 return for every £1 spent on website

Over £3 return for every £1 spent on website

GPM London

At the start of this project, there were two main objectives that needed to be achieved. The first was to fill a labour gap with space for applicants to apply for vacancies. With this, they also wanted a higher number of incoming queries so that they could grow their revenue.

Location: London, UK

Budget: £99 Per Month

  • The Problem

    As a leading electrical contractor, they were faced with the inconvenience of having a static site. This meant an inability to touch any of its content which needed restructuring and updating. This meant it was hard to justify their website costs because they weren’t seeing the desired amount of new business coming in.

  • The Solution

    At the start of the project, one of the things identified was a need to expand their workforce. As such, we made the ability to apply for a job role a noticeable area of their revised homepage. By using our inbuilt career engine, they were able to be granular with the role they were promoting, highlighting the type of contract, its salary brackets, alongside qualification and experience levels.

    An overall rehaul of their website’s look and feel was achieved using our customisation tool. With it, we were able to create a uniform brand colour palette, and select fonts to be used across their entire set up. This helped to ensure an aesthetically pleasing user-friendly space for viewers to engage.

  • The Results

    The Results

    Since going live with their new website, GPM London regularly receive leads through their online enquiry form.

    They’ve also noted many more calls coming through to the office. To accompany this contact has been a huge influx of job applications that also stream through.