£26k return-on-investment in under 12 months [£1k budget]

£26k return-on-investment in under 12 months [£1k budget]

Ab Fab London Events

An amazing new website was created for this leading event and marquee hire company based in London.

Central to its success is the high number of qualified leads that it generates on a daily basis. Whenever a query comes in, they can instantly identify the name of the interested party, the type of event they’d like support with, the number of attendees to be expected, whether or not a venue to host the event exists, alongside receiving any written plans that may have been drafted in advance.

Through some structural adjustments to their website, particularly the way in which their service pages (i.e. the fittings they offer) and solutions pages (i.e. the types of occasions they help to promote) have been ordered, they’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of queries they get online.

Location: London

Budget: £99 Per Month

  • The Problem

    The key problem they faced was that they were unable to manage the content within the existing website. This meant an inability to keep prospects or existing customers in the loop with some of their most recent activities. It also caused problems in showcasing the expanded range of services they now provided, given the growth they’d experienced in recent years.

    When approached one of the key things they wanted to resolve was getting more online enquiries. At the point in time that we were approached, there weren’t receiving any incoming leads via direct engagement with their website.

    These issues were further compounded by the fact that they were working with a highly non-responsive web agency. This meant they were unable to justify the ongoing spend and the need for change was pertinent.

  • The Solution

    The key thing we did when building their new website was to use our form manager. This meant we could create something which would generate queries. We examined what was needed to be known about a potential buyer, that their needs might be serviced. This also ensured they met the qualifying criteria needed to work with the business.

    For their enquiry form, we came up with a series of questions that could easily be answered by clicking an image within a web form. Where quantitative results, such as the number of attendees to an event needed to be identified, we simply placed an in-form movable slider that end-users could set to their desired number.

    The benefit here was that a potential customer would type next to nothing to show their interest, whilst the team at Ab Fab London Events would receive all the details needed to act upon their request.

  • The Results

    The Results

    They’ve skyrocketed their performance, and have generated in excess of £26k in new business from incoming enquiries alone, in the space of 12 months. This symbolises a which 2600% return-on-investment in less than a year, meaning that for every £1 spent they’ve seen £26 returned to their coffers.

    These results have meant that they were able to create a completely new branch of the business which specialises in end-to-end staff for events.

  • Once the website went live enquiries came flooding in, to the point where we had to employ a Virtual Assistant to deal with the enquiries.

    Pamela Sanders

    Pamela SandersDirectorAb Fab London Events