10 Inspiring Examples of Website Design For Tradesmen that will make you ponder

Simeon Stanford

Posted by Simeon Stanford
Last updated 2nd February 2021
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  • What we like
    • Rich and bold colour palette
    • Clear call to action in website header
    • Simple navigation to each service/sub service
  • What we like
    • Unique spotlight design with boxed content in centre
    • Rich use of service and vertical/niche pages
    • Clear calls-to-action across site
    They could improve
    • Some solutions could benefit from extended content
    • Including more case studies could aid social proof
    • Integrating testimonials from 3rd parties (i.e. Google)
  • What we like
    • Beautiful benefits bar on homepage
    • Clear navigation between commercial and residential services
    • Sticky header makes traversing the site easier
    They could improve
    • Content is sparse across the site, white space could be used more effectively
    • Broken/missing social icons in footer
    • Broken gallery of completed works
  • What we like
    • Great use of postcode search in spotlights
    • Clear calls-to-action header (book online, or call for a quote)
    • Lovely stylisation of images with ticks
    They could improve
    • Better support and use of space for wide screen devices
    • Spotlights can feel cluttered (reduce the amount of text)
    • Accreditations bar could be tidied to use consistent image sizes
  • What we like
    • Clean header design in brand colours
    • Appropriate image choices of completed work and in-situ
    They could improve
    • Lack of sticky header makes navigation difficult on longer pages
    • No header CTA or contact info
    • Speed of spotlight transitions can be vexing on the eyes
  • What we like
    • Large bold call-to-action in header for emergency callouts
    • Menu follows website visitor as they scroll
    • Effective use of FAQs across services pages
    They could improve
    • All CTAs lead to call now, no dedicated options to submit project request online
    • Colour palette is very dense (use of some lighter elements would help)
  • What we like
    • Clean and consistent design follows through to all web pages
    • Great use of an interactive web form
    • Coverage checker for postcode searches
    They could improve
    • Absence of a blog means content is updated less frequently
    • Services pages could use additional content to support with SEO efforts
  • What we like
    • Live chat integration
    • Consistent colour palette with branding/logo
    • Clean and sharp imager across site (including spotlight)
    They could improve
    • Header and menu is very busy (animated gif)
    • Font sizes can be hard to read for those with eyesight issues
  • What we like
    • Effective use of full screen spotlight and overlapping menu
    • Clean, spacious design is easy on the eyes
    • Fantastic choice of imagery across site
    They could improve
    • Site is missing a security certificate (a big no-no, especially in 2021!)
    • Absence of header calls to action (or elsewhere for that matter)
    • Styling issues occurring across site (development updates needed)
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