5 huge challenges which affect the income levels of all electricians

Simeon Stanford

Posted by Simeon Stanford
Last updated 15th January 2021
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  • Without the pressures of adhering to industry standards, you’re afforded a freedom to innovate. It’s for this very reason that looking beyond your field may allow you to solve problems that stumped you before.

    Rob RistagnoFounder and CEOSterling Woods
  • It's beyond true that every little helps!

    Your business must do its extra bit to ensure you’re able to convince prospective buyers to use you. Yes or No is really like heads or tails. So, what more are you willing to do to improve on these 50/50 odds.

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    • How about we begin?

      Discover the best way to engage with your ideal clients. Prepare yourself to speak to your user base in a way that both persuades and wins them over.
  • If your initial business strategy was to undercut the competition based on pricing alone, your prices are too low. Unless you are a multinational corporation selling commodity products, then cost cannot be the only weapon you have to attract new clients. It’s time to pick a new strategy and raise your prices.

    Nellie AkalpCo Founder + CEOCorpNet
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