5 big operational challenges facing trades-based firms in 2021

Simeon Stanford

Posted by Simeon Stanford
Last updated 3rd January 2021
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  • Get the TALENT you require without struggling one bit...

    The task of recruiting new team members can now be the easiest of business processes. Use our Careers Engine to get the candidates you want whilst leaving those you don’t desire by the wayside.

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    • Let’s Kickstart

      When placing new workers in your company, ensure you're only ever shown the right candidates.
  • Consumers would be more inclined to buy because of a brand’s
    presence on social media. For small firms, knowing how to capitalise on this is crucial.

    As tradesmen increase the amount of business tasks and transactions they undertake online, social media should be seriously considered as a cost-effective way to market themselves to more and more customers

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    John MewettCEOScrewfix
  • Want a few IDEAS on your next customer approach?

    Do you have a few ideas on how you’d like to communicate with your customers? Not everything needs to be verbal or even written. We are not saying skip this, but here are a few ideas of a mix of activities you can consider.

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    • How about we begin?

      Discover the best way to engage with your ideal clients. Prepare yourself to speak to your user base in a way that both persuades and wins them over.
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