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Kelly Nguyen

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Last updated 3rd October 2018
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  • An intelligent future for our platform

    We are committed at Sites Done Right to our namesake, that is helping growing businesses get more value from their websites and digital experience. Every aspect of our ethos and platform takes into consideration the best approaches to pulling in traffic, generating leads, closing business and boosting user satisfaction.

    With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our intelligent assistants in Sites Done Right. These powerful pieces of AI will give proactive, actionable advice for your site including:

    • Site wide changes and integrations
    • Page-by-page SEO advice
    • Marketing & Conversions advice

    So without further ado, let’s meet the assistants:

    • Simon [Site Manager]

      Simon is our unique and innovative site manager. Simon will take a look at your overall site activity.

      “As well as being an integral site integration to determine the most sensible options, I can add to your website in order to boost its performance overall.”

      From checking whether you have social integrations in place through to any issues arising from analytics and email setup, he’s got your back.

    • Dana [SEO]

      Dana is your virtual SEO assistant (replacing our heavily-used Site Grader).

      This piece of AI will review any of your website content and provide proactive feedback on content changes you can make that will impact your overall position in search engines. From basic page changes, through to your pages title and its description, Dana will guide you to success. Beyond this, her talents extend to providing feedback on the readability of a page based on the length of sentences and the number of syllables in each word of a page.

      This is but a snapshot because there is much more!

    • Rafael [Marketing]

      Rafael is our intuitive marketing assistant. For every unique piece of content you create, Raphael will provide pointers on things which will impact your engagement and conversion stats.

      From suggestions on improving your spotlights through to feedback on your main content and call to actions, this powerful assistant will help you to convert more visitors into leads.

  • What next?

    Based on fantastic feedback from our beta testers, we are already considering assistants for supporting other business-critical departments like HR and sales. There are also a number of UI enhancements being added at present to make the assistants easier to use and apply their feedback.

    What would you like to see? Give us your opinion in the comment’s section below. Our development team will consider these options in the upcoming roadmap for our intelligent assistants.

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Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly works in our Customer Success team. She brings a wealth of marketing and web experience to the table which she uses to help Sites Done Right customers get the most out of using the platform. Outside of work, Kelly loves travelling and reading.
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